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5G and IoT research at UiA awarded 1.49 million euros

The ICT community at the University of Agder will develop new solutions with the use of 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) in smart transport on land and at sea.

Illustrasjon av 5G
Researchers from the Department of ICT will develop new solutions with 5G and IoT

- We are very happy with this grant. This means that we can perform cutting-egde research and develop breakthrough solutions beyond the current 5G network for the Internet of Things, says Professor Frank Li at the Department of ICT at UiA.

Frank Li er professor på Institutt for IKT på UiA

Frank Li is a professor at det Department of ICT at UiA.

The project has been named A Massive MIMO Enabled IoT Platform with Network Slicing for Beyond 5G IoV / V2X and Maritime Services (SOLID-B5G), and is lead by Li from the research group Electronics and IoT at UiA. Other participants from the research group and the Department of ICT will be Assistant Professor Geir Jevne, Professor Christian Omlin and a newly appointed Ph.D. student.

Today's IT solutions are cloud-based and can lead to long delays for smart transport and maritime applications where data traffic goes via satellite. With the help of massive antennas, we can collect data with much less delay and in this way reduce latency. With edge computing, data coming from IoT devices can be processed and analyzed closer to the actual source, for example, on a base station or a computer on the ship. With Network Slicing, we can adapt network to a specific type of services or use case.

The project is funded by the European Economic Areas (EEA) RONO program for Collaborative Research Projects. Partners in the project are the University Politehnica of Bucharest in Romania, Telenor Maritime Norway, the Universitat Politècnica de Valencia in Spain, the Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canada and two small and medium-sized enterprises in Romania.

Only 26 projects out of 285 proposals are funded. More call for proposals are coming. Stay tuned at: https://eeagrants.org/