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Information for PhD candidates at Faculty of Engineering and Science

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Welcome as a PhD candidate in Engineering and Science at the University of Agder! We hope you will have a positive and successful period at our university. Here, we have collected important information and documents that will help to make your journey as smooth as possible. Working on a PhD is hard, and you have a lot of responsibility for this yourself. This goes for the scientific work, but also for the contact with peers, colleagues, and advisors.

Again, this guide helps you to thrive in all these areas, and to fill the PhD period with fun, excitement, and success. I am glad that you consult the material we have prepared for you and we look forward to your comments and improvements to this documentation. Just as your PhD thesis, this guide improves with your contribution.

We wish you all the best on your journey and please remember that we are here to assist you.

-Andreas Prinz, Vice-Dean for Research.


We are continually working to improve ourselves. Comments and suggestions for additional information/changes are more than welcome, as well as notifications of errors on the website.

For questions and comments about these pages, please contact