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Vladimir Oleshchuk


I want to facilitate development of the staff with a focus on new measures which support innovative research and education.

Vladimir Oleshchuk


Why do you want to be a candidate for the University Board?

- I have been part of this institution all the way from AID to HIA and now UIA, and throughout the whole period I have witnessed and been involved in its development, which has been almost unbelievable. We are now a university and it is important that we continue to develop. I wish to contribute to making UiA one of the most attractive places for study and research in Norway and I am concerned with facilitating for excellent teaching and excellent research.

What issues are you most concerned about?

- I am interested in relevance and quality in both teaching and research. Students must be given state of the art knowledge which makes them attractive to prospective employers. Only the best teaching methods should be used. Subjects differ in this respect, but it is not necessarily the latest teaching methods which are the best. It is important to learn from international experience. Students should be provided with better opportunities to be involved in research and development in the course of their studies. It is important that the staff at UIA has the time and the incentives which brings about high-quality research and teaching, and enjoys working conditions which makes UIA into one of the most attractive places to work in Norway.

What are your aims if you get elected? 

- I wish to concentrate on incentives and resources for development and renewal of teaching with a focus on relevance and learning. Some academic fields are very dynamic, but most need continuous renewal in order to reflect current research and development. The most important issue is that our candidates are sought-after in the labour market. I wish to contribute to decisions which increase the university’s recognition as a research institution and as an attractive partner for both regional and international cooperation.

What will be your most important contribution to the work of the board at the University of Agder?

- Facilitating development of the staff with a focus on new measures which support innovative research and education (increase the time spent on research and development of relevant and innovative teaching methods, strengthen and professionalize our support for applications for external funding, develop new incentives for interdisciplinary cooperation and cooperation with industry and commerce).

Briefly about Vladimir Oleshuck

  • Vladimir Oleschuck is 57 years old. He is Professor at the Department of ICT, Faculty of Engineering and Science, Campus Grimstad. He has been a member of staff at UiA since 1992 and holds a PhD in Informatics as well as a MSc in Applied Mathematics from Kiev University and a MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from NTNU.
  • He was a member of the Academic Affairs Committee at UiA from 2004 – 2007, and a deputy representative from 2008 – 2011.
  • Oleshuck leads a research group (security), is a member of the board for the Norwegian Research School of Computer and Information Security, member of the board of the NIK – foundation, member of the board for NISK (Norwegian information Security Conference) and was a member of the working committee of FRISC – Forum for Research and Innovation in Security and Communications (NFR, 2011 – 2015)
  • He was leader of REC (Research Education Committee) at the Department of ICT and a Vice-Dean for Research at the Faculty of Technology (1998 – 2002)

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