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Engaged and concerned about UiA

“That I have experience both from the Faculty level and the central administration is an important benefit - you learn a lot from seeing problems from several perspectives.”

Målfrid Tangedal

Senior Adviser, Division of Research Management

Why are you standing for election?

- I am very dedicated to the University both as a workplace and as an institution of research and education. I want to participate in the further development of the University, and I hope to represent my group well.

What are the three most important issues you wish to work towards in the next four years?

- The Faculties must be actively facilitated by the Board in such a way that they can focus on their core activities – research and education. In doing this, the faculties’ autonomy and allocation of new positions is important, but also a competent and active administration. The administration must be organized in such a way that we get the best possible support where it is needed. In recent years the research administrative support has increased at the Faculties, and changes like these are important for the researchers.

- Continued emphasis on research. I came to UiA one year after it received its university status and the focus then lay heavily on teaching and education. Since then, UiA has had a fantastic development within research, and it has been an exciting process to be a part of. I have great respect for our academic staff and the work they have done during the last decade. Further development within research and how we facilitate research should be of great interest to the board. In the future, we must ensure that we follow up the development agreement we have entered into with the Ministry of Education and Research, which clearly states that UiA must provide sufficient administrative resources for researchers to be able to deliver academic results.

- Cooperation. UiA is a small institution, with many skilled employees. Cooperation both internally and externally is important at all levels. A lot of good work is already being done, but we need room to find the best solutions and see how to use the expertise we have the best possible way. The interplay between the academic staff and administration is important - we are reliant on each other to further develop UiA.

What qualities/expertise do you have that might convince your colleagues to vote for you?

- I am a sociologist and have broad administrative experience both from the University of Bergen and the University of Agder. I have been at UiA since 2008, and have worked within the study, research and PhD administrations. My extensive experience has given me a broad contact network at UiA and knowledge of different challenges at different levels. The fact that I have experience both from the Faculty level and the central administration is an important benefit - you learn a lot from seeing problems from several perspectives. Finally, I am truly dedicated to UiA’s development.


  • Cand.polit, Sociology, University of Bergen, 2004 
  • Cand.mag, University of Tromsø, 1999

Work experience:

  • 2019 - : Senior Adviser at the Faculty of Social Sciences, UiA
  • 2016 - 2019: Senior Adviser at the Division of Research Management, UiA
  • 2008 - 2016: Adviser at the Faculty of Social Sciences and School of Business and Law, UiA
  • 2003 - 2007: Executive Officer at Faculty of Psychology, University of Bergen

Board experience:

  • 2016 - 2019: NARMA secretary (Norwegian Network of Research Administration)

2013 - 2016: Deputy member of NARMA