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Fighting for a forward-looking university

Rune Andersen, photo

I want to fight for a forward-looking university that uses new technology and new approaches.

Rune Andersen

Associate Professor, Department of ICT

Why are you running for this role?

  • I stand for election because I want to be part of the efforts to develop and promote the university in the years to come. It is important for us as employees to get involved in processes, and I want to participate in the fora where the way forward is discussed and defined. There is also something special about representing someone and proving oneself worthy of that responsibility.
  • It is also important for me to lift up and promote UiA and show that we are the university students should choose.

What are the 3 most important issues you want to focus on?

  • I want to fight for us to have a forward-looking university that uses new technology and new approaches to teaching, while upholding the basic principles of teaching and research. A university that cooperates across campuses and faculties to build a common platform for co-creation and development.
  • I want to fight to promote the university both nationally and internationally. Dare to challenge established practices, create new arenas for research, focus on current and good teaching and keep focus on the students.
  • A university that tries to find a good balance between teaching and research and provides opportunities to improve on both points.

What qualities/skills do you have that make you a good candidate for this role?

  • Teaching is not just an interest, but a passion. Through this work, I have developed the ability and am equipped to collaborate across disciplines and cultures and with different personalities.
  • Most of the projects I have been involved in at UIA have been with other units or departments, or with external partners. This has provided unique opportunities for learning new things in other fields I otherwise wouldn’t have known. I am also fundamentally curious and rarely see obstacles, but often opportunities.
  • My strongest qualities are the ability to communicate and to acquaint myself with issues I am asked to consider. I see myself as focused, solution-oriented and very direct in my communication. I want to be a clear voice on the board for those who elect me, regardless of faculty or campus.
  • I see it as a great declaration of trust to be elected to a role where one looks after the interests of one's colleagues, and I will take it very seriously.


2018: Welfare Technology, UIA (5 credits)

2013: Mentor Education, UIA (15 credits)

2011: Modern American History and Literature, NTNU (30 credits)

2006-2008: Master ICT and Learning, HVL

1995-2000: General Teacher Education

Work experience:

2018 - present: Associate Professor and Programme Coordinator (Department of ICT)

2015 - 2018: Associate Professor (Department of ICT)

2012 - 2015: Associate Professor (Department of Engineering Sciences) 30%

2006 - 2112: Dahlske Upper Secondary School

2006 - 2007: Head of Pedagogy, aPlay Motivation AS

2005- 2006: Game Consultant, Høyskoleforlaget AS

2000 - 2006: Teacher with 5-year degree, Grimstad Secondary School

Board positions:

2018 - 2021 board member Lærelyst AS