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Will give temporary employees a permanent voice

Joseph Salomonsen, photo

I want to include temporary staff as a permanent voice in the work of strengthening UiA's regional role in higher education, innovation and business development, and in delivering research with international quality.

Joseph Salomonsen

Department of Sociology and Social Work

Why are you running for office?

– UiA as a university is at a crossroad. Do we wish to lift ourselves from our “UiA bubble” and connect and shape the outside world? If we do then we must be able to include and synthesize people and perspectives across self-made barriers such as faculties, national vs. international students, full-time - part-time employees and perhaps especially the temporary staff.

– I want to strengthen UiA's regional role, contribute to innovation that is owned and promoted inhouse while at the same time delivering research with international quality. In this journey, the temporary staff must gain a permanent voice.

What are the 3 most important issues you want to work for if you are elected to the university board?

  1. Co-creation as a slogan need move from paper to everyday life. Co-creation at our university requires real collaboration. Today, the idea of ​​a co-creation is well entrenched at UiA, but we have not been able to operationalize the phenomenon down to the department and individual level. In and the same faculty, we have cemented impenetrable silos. The temporary employees along with those with an international background are especially neglected here. I want to work on realizing “a co-creative university” as an operational phenomenon.
  2. UiA must be guaranteed equal funding. Equalize our university income and take a seat in the public discourse. The Norwegian university landscape is unreasonably and inappropriately constructed. The distinction between the old and the new universities should end with UiA mobilizing the regions politicians, business and academia for a fair distribution of funding for the higher education sector.
  3. Harmonize relevance vs. excellence. From the university college reform in 1994, the quality reform in 2003, the structural report in 2013 to the work relevance report in 2021, the sector has been split in two directions. The choice has been either to be relevant in solving practical tasks or to deliver research of international quality. I will work to refer to the excellence of our pragmatic work. The Dora Declaration, which has now been signed by the board, should be applied in all faculties.

What qualities / skills do you have that make your colleagues vote for you?

– I have the necessary organizational, academic, and personal qualities that will be a driving force in realizing a co-creative university that the employees and especially the temporary ones are together to create.

– In the previous period, I was appointed by the Ministry of Education to the UiA board, as a member I am most proud to be part of the board decision to sign the Dora Declaration which modernizes the assessment of research results so that they are not based solely on which journals the researchers have published in, but on communicating research and a quality assessment of the content of the articles regardless of publication channel.

Some facts about you:


  • PhD Fellow «State Power, Powerlessness and Civilization»
  • MA Political Science and Management «Integrated with power» grade A
  • BA Political Science

Work experience:

  • PhD research fellow at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Sociology and Social Work, UiA
  • Advisor UiA-Career
  • R&D responsible for the Directorate for Integration and Diversity (IMDi)
  • Researcher for Oxford Research
  • Researcher at Agder Research (NORCE) - Islamism and radicalization

Board experience:

  • UiA University Board (appointed by the Ministry of Education and Research - deputy)
  • International Society of Health and Human Rights. Position: Member
  • Future Learning Lab. Position: www.worldlearningsummit.com
  • Nofik - Norwegian Association for Intercultural Competence. Position: Board member
  • ARKIVET Peace and Human Rights Center. Position: Board member (formerly)
  • Immigrant Council. Position: Leader