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University Board Election 4 – 11 June 2018

Temporary employees in academic positions.

The elections are held to elect student representatives to the Faculty Boards and to the Student Parliament for the period spanning 1 January – 31 December 2018.

  • The Faculty Boards –  The Boards of the faculties, the Teacher Education Unit and the School of Business and Law at UiA
  • The Student Parliament – the top political body of STA – the student association at UiA

All registered student registered on the election roll (census) are eligible to stand in the elections and to vote. NB: Students are themselves responsible for checking whether their names are on the election roll. Read more about this at the electronic election information.

Questions about this year’s student elections? Please ask Head of STAKai Steffen Østensen by phone 454 14 793 or e-mail leder@stastudent.no

If you are not registered on the election roll, you will not be able to vote. 

You vote electronically. A detailed description of how to check if you are on the election roll and how you vote will be issued later.

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