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Campus Kristiansand

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Welcome to the South Coast of Norway! - Browse the pictures, or navigate on the map.


Based on the American campus model, with everything in one place. Compact, but open. Large, but easy to maneuver. Easy to get to know, without constantly being recognized. Small enough for closeness, large enough for diversity. Feel at home. 

> Make your way around campus

This is the main cultural arena on the south coast – and the country’s second largest building for the arts, following the Oslo Opera. The main building is recognized all over the word. Experience concerts by the docks in the summer, or concerts, theater, and shows on the main stage at any time during the year. 

This is the student’s own wellness centre, right on campus, and it is the largest on the south coast. Workout studio, climbing wall, sports-hall, and swimming hall. 

Vibrant summer feel by the sea – in the city. Do it the easy way and buy a few shrimps to nibble on by the wharf side  - or enjoy a meal or something refreshing at one of the outdoor restaurants. All summer long, there will be free outdoor concerts here – so come by boat or foot! 

For one weekend every summer, the music festival Palmesus is held here – but you can visit the beach for more than just one weekend in the year. 

Downtown Kristiansand measures exactly 1km x 1km. One square kilometer. The pedestrian shopping street is called Markensgate, but is known to the locals only as “Markens”. In Kristiansand, the pedestrian shopping street is actually more of a strolling street. No stress. 

90 000 inhabitants, nice people, and Norway’s loveliest city! Welcome!

The 650 living units in the student village on Gimle is directly on campus. Your closest neighbor is the walking and hiking area Jegersberg. 

Newly renovated – even though students have chosen it as the best in the country for several years. An important meeting point for students from all the different studies. 

The center for the start-of-study festival every August! The green area which all of campus meander about. A place for studying, activities, and relaxation. 

When you walk through the main entrance on Campus Kristiansand, you walk straight into “Vrimlehallen”, which is actually the “Vilhelm Krag Hall”. This is where the students wander about between lectures, the library, the service centre, IT help, and the cafeteria, which is all located around Vrimlehallen. 

“Østsia” is the student house on Campus Kristiansand. Pub, café, and concert hall. 


169 491 books, 550 481 e-books, 500 periodicals, 30 164 e-journals and 280 study spots – the centre to be on campus. 

Jegersberg is located right next to campus. Marked tracks and swimming waters just a stone’s throw from the study halls. 

Experience, for now, Norwegian top league football in Kristiansand! Yellow and black” Or not. Come as you are. We can cheer for our teams together.

With 975 000 visitors every year, this is Norway’s largest amusement park. The zoo contains 150 different animal species, and it is also possible to visit the bathing area Badelandet and the pirate village Abra Havn, watch the Kaptein Sabeltann shows, and so much more!


The area where you can find Norway’s biggest shopping mall, Sørlandssenteret, IKEA, and the Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park. 

The skerries on the south coast are renowned in all of Norway. Experience it from land or sea!

New and modern. Open and accommodating. Plenty of space inside and short distances between students, employees and the working life. Here you get the opportunity to make close connections, both academically and socially. 
> Make your way around campus

Enjoy the intimate shopping street surrounded by southern architecture, specialized stores, and local bakeries. 

Amazing swimming opportunities, with long sand beaches, a dock with diving boards, and smooth coastal rocks to lay on. There is also a playground, beach volleyball court, football field, a summer restaurant, parking, and new bathroom facilities.

Pub, café and concert house. The approximately 100 volunteer workers, who run Bluebox, work hard in order to make your everyday life as a student just a little bit better. 

Campus Grimstad is located in teknologiparken, which houses the South of Norway’s center for research and development, as well as several technological businesses that UiA collaborates with. 

Did you know that one of the country’s best park facilities is located in Grimstad? This is the ideal place for a walk along the trails or running grounds. 

When you have a chef who has worked as a sous chef at a Michelin star-restaurant as the cafeteria manager, things suddenly become more serious. The Grimstad cafeteria competes with the Kristiansand cafeteria on being the best student cafeteria in Norway. 

34 062 books, 550 481 e-books, 200 periodicals, and 259 study spots – the centre to be on campus. 

The Student Welfare Organization has 600 student housing units, whereof 400 are located right on campus!

Cinema, and concert- and theatre building. This is where the renowned short-film festival in Grimstad is held.

White houses by the pier, where the downtown meets the sea. Everything is within five minutes of walking: stores, restaurants, cafés, the cinema, the library, and tourist information. 

In addition to being a bike city, Grimstad is known for its beautiful skerries. The islands outside Grimstad are open or everyone. Rent a boat or hitch a ride with Badebåden. It’s a life of leisure or teeming beach activity. 

Grimstad is surrounded by five moors with fabulous views: Fløyheia, Mollerheia, Kirkeheia, Binabben, and Vardeheia. A roundtrip takes about 1.5 hour. 

Track and field sports facility, swimming facility, and the home stadium of the football teams Amazon (women’s top league) and Jerv (men’s first division). 

Kristian IVs gate is the only student housing complex owned by SiA in downtown Kristiansand. Sleep right next to an amazing hiking and walking area and wake up to the view of the Otra river.

This is SiA’s newest student housing buildings right on campus. The 182 new rooms are available from the fall of 2015. 

Walking distance from both the University and downtown Kristiansand. Only a stone’s throw away from the, the swimming area Bertesbukta, and Sparebanken Sør Arena and Norwegian league football. Have everything close to where you live. 

Located on Lund, right between campus and downtown Kristiansand. 

SiA’s student housing can also be found in Kongsgård Allé nr 7, 9, and 11, right between campus and downtown Kristiansand. 

This is the city’s recreation area, with several trails, observations posts, swimming waters, and fishing waters. During the winter, tracks are made so that you can take your skis out for a day in the snow. 

The spectacular outdoor scene at Fjæreheia can seat 985 people. Fjæreheia is an old quarry, which since 1993 has been used to watch everything from the dramas by Ibsen to modern rock and roll musicals. 

SiA is responsible for the infrastructure surrounding ones studies, running student housing, the student cafeteria, the bookshop Sørbok, health services, the student houses Bluebox and Østsia, the student daycare Hokus Pokus, and the wellness center Spicheren in Kristiansand. 

STA works for your rights, interests, and needs as a student. If you experience that UiA or SiA do not fulfill their duties and you are unable to get through to them, you can contact STA. STA is also responsible for all of the organized student activities.

A local shopping centre with 35 stores and everything you need. 

Only half an hour by car away, you can visit the winter sports grounds Sandrip, in Øvrebø, Vennesla. Enjoy 3.5 km of ski tracks, ski jumps with floodlights, and lounge. It is also perfect for walks and trips all year round. 

A scenic park with an outdoor stage and magical concert experiences. Visit to taste the best burger in Norway at Café Generalen. 

A free space, just a stone’s throw from Kvadraturen. Here you can find nice swimming areas, cozy cafés, art galleries, and marked trails. Not to mention, Odderøya is known for its music lovers. In the amazing outdoor amphitheaters Odderøya Amfi and Bendiksbukta, you can delight in grand concerts every year, catering to your tastes. 

Kunnskapsparken is the home of many different businesses and the UiA School of Business and Law. 

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