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Layout principles

  • The layout should be balanced, clear and with good contrasting elements.
  • Images should not have titles over them.
Layout som viser farger

Logo placement

  • The logo should be placed at the top or bottom to the left of the template. 
  • Spacing around the logo should be at least as wide as the width of the symbol.
Plassering av logo

Space for content

Place text and images within the limits of the blue box. Space around the area allocated to content corresponds to the width of the symbol.

Plass til innhold


The content field is divided into six columns (grid). Text and images are in accordance with the columns. This is how we create a dynamic, consistent expression.

Spalter i layout

Outside the grid

  • Images should be placed outside the grid on one or two sides, at least. 
  • An image can also cover the background entirely.
Ut av griden