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  • Use natural light.
  • Natural situations and models create credibility.
Illustrasjon på naturlig foto

Student life

  • Show students engaged in activities in different situations, so we get to know the students and student life.
  • At the university, with friends, at leisure, at work.
Illustrasjon på studentliv foto

Research and teaching

Show staff, students and partners acquiring, disseminating and creating knowledge. In the lab, in the field, in the reading room, in study groups, in the lecture theatre.

Illustrasjon på forskning og undervisning foto

Easy to use

  • Clean, clear compositions make the images easy to use.
  • Important elements should be grouped together.
  • The images should only have a few principal colours.
Illustrasjon på foto med få farger


  • Always have more than one person in the pictures.
  • Have people engage in activities together (study, research, talk...), where natural
  • People at the centre of the photo should be placed to face the viewer (i.e. not with their backs turned)
Illustrasjon på personer sammen i foto


  • The colours must appear natural, never shrill.
  • Images must contain elements with colours from UiA's colour palette.
  • Skin tones should be soft and natural as they appear in natural light.
Illustrasjon på foto som beskriver farger


  • Staging photos
  • Visual metaphors
  • Unnatural, excessive image processing
Illustrasjon på på hva man bør unngå i foto