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21. sep - 22. sep 2020
kl 15:41 - 12:00

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Internett - og kanskje Campus Kristiansand


21 aug

AVLYST: Ph.d.-kurs: PED603 Vurderingskompetanse i opplæringen

NB: Kurset er avlyst på grunn av for få påmeldte.

NB2: Kurset går på engelsk og heter PED603 Capacity for educational assessment 


21 sep - 22 sep
kl 15:41 - 12:00

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Internett - og kanskje Campus Kristiansand


21 aug

Announcement: PED603-1 Capacity for educational assessment and evaluation

Autumn 2020 at UiA (5 credit points)

* 21-22 September 2020 (digitally by Zoom) and

* 3-4 December 2020 (presumably face-to-face at UiA, Kristiansand, Department of Education)

Overview on the course - PED 603 will include:

The course will focus on and discuss assessment and evaluation approaches on the individual level and on the systems level, as well as the relationship between both and its interdependencies.

The intention of the course is thus to increase insight into the fields of tension and dilemmas that assessment and evaluation entail theoretically and empirically regarding the education sector (Comprehensive School and Higher Education).

Related aspects of educational policy will be added.

Actual research by the national and international invited speakers of the course will be presented.

An overall and comprehensive perspective on tests and assignment from a psychometric perspective will be given.

The literature relevant for preparing and participating course will be made public in advance. The course will just be held in English.

Lecturers and guest speakers

Sverre Tveit (UiA), Rolf Vegar Olson, (University of Oslo, Norway), Connie Schaffer and Peter Wolcott (both University of Nebraska at Omaha)

Organization of the Course and teaching and learning methods:

The course will be conducted and organized into two sessions (2 x 2 days). (5 CTS).

The two-times session approach with a longer intermediate timeframe will enable that the candidates can contribute actively by elaboration in and between the sessions regarding the content and the assignments given to fulfil the course. The students will present and discuss on their own assignment as well.

Learning forms, tools and written assignment:

Lecture, participative seminar, use of TEAMS and/ or CANVAS. Assignment is a paper graded with pass/not pass.

Due to the corona situation, in any case, the first session in September 2020 will be conducted by Zoom.

Offical PhD course description see UiA website: https://www.uia.no/en/studies2/phd-programmes/specialization-in-education

Questions and further Information: Stefanie Hillen, email: stefanie.a.hillen(at)uia.no


PED603: Course Description

PED603-1 Assessment Pedagogy

Study level

A PhD programme at the Faculty of Humanities and Education, specialisation in Education.

Admission criteria

Students must meet the requirements for a PhD specialisation in Education.

Learning outcomes

After having completed the PhD degree, the candidate will be able to

  • Evaluate various models on how schools assess the achievements of pupils; consider the views of pupils, teachers, and school managers on, and experience with, different assessment methods.
  • Analyse research on learning strategies and motivation, have an in-depth understanding of factors that influence the pupil’s active use of learning strategies, such as learning objectives, assessment criteria and various assessment methods.
  • Analyse the connection between views on learning and assessment methods, especially to what degree an individual approach encourages specific learning perspectives.
  • Reflect on the different views on learning and the field of tension between these.
  • Analyse pupils’ lack of self-efficacy in learning school subjects as a condition between individual prerequisites and pressure from the environment.
  • Reflect on general and specific ways to create a positive learning environment, know how to create a learning environment that minimises the experience of failure and maximises the possibility to reach each pupil at their learning level.
  • Detect issues that may form the basis for further research on the relation between individual assessment and systematic assessment.
  • Evaluate different research and development projects on individual assessment and systematic assessment.


The course addresses individual assessment and systematic assessment, as well as the correlation between both. The course intends to increase insight into the dilemmas and tension areas that are associated with assessment, in theory, and in practice, at secondary schools and higher education institutions. We will also discuss related aspects of educational policies during the course.

Furthermore, the course includes up-to-date research contributions from national and international guest-speakers. An overall and comprehensive perspective on tests and assignments from a psychometric perspective will be presented.  Candidates will receive a syllabus of compulsory literature in advance. The course will only be held in English.

Teaching methods

Sessions, seminars and discussions in Canvas.

Examination requirements

Students will have to read and review the syllabus literature using an online platform as well. The delivery of a paper will document the candidate’s work.


The candidates will deliver a paper. The grading system is passed/failed. To obtain the grade passed for the programme, the candidate must have achieved at least a B  on the university grade scale.

Responsible faculty

Department of Education

Contact person

Stefanie A. Hillen