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The Pure and Applied Mathematical Analysis Research group (PAMAR) is a community of mathematicians and statisticians at the Department of Mathematical Sciences who are researching within a range of domains of mathematics. The PAMAR group comprises eight researchers who developed distinctive research profiles via participation in conferences, external visits, and joint research. The quality of research conducted by the group members has been acknowledged both at the national level and internationally. 

Topics of research:

  • functional analysis (geometry of Banach spaces, approximation properties, massiveness properties, ideal structures, diameter 2 properties in Banach spaces)
  • applied statistics (meta-analysis, optimization strategies)
  • ergodic theory (ergodic Ramsey theory, combinatorial number theory)
  • stochastic analysis (nonlinear stochastic partial differential equations, local and global well-posedness of dispersive equations for rough initial data)
  • differential equations (asymptotic behaviour of solutions to nonlinear differential and functional differential equations, mathematical modelling)

Collaboration and networking

  • Dr. Abrahamsen, Dr. Lima, and Dr. Nygaard collaborate with colleagues at the University of Tartu in Estonia, Freie Universität Berlin, University of Murcia in Spain, Polytechnical University in Prague, University of Eastern Finland, Saint Louis University in USA, and University of Granada in Spain. They actively contribute to the Estonian doctoral school in Mathematics and Statistics.
  • Dr. Bjørkestøl collaborates with colleagues at the Pacific Lutheran University in the US and at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK.
  • Dr. Knutson has collaborators in the USA at Ohio State University and at the University of Memphis. Together with M. Wierdl (University of Memphis) and A. Gorodnik (University of Bristol, UK), Dr. Knutson is a member of the organizing committee of the international conference on Ergodic Theory and Combinatorics to be hosted by the University of Agder in June 2015.
  • Dr. Rogovchenko is a member of the work group "Complex networks and nonlinear production models for economic geography" under the COST Action IS1104 (2012-15) and has collaborators in Algeria, Australia, China, Cyprus, France, Italy, Romania, Slovak Republic, USA.
  • Dr. Signahl collaborates with a colleague at the Linnaeus University in Sweden.