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Employment opportunities should be promoted

New vacancies in Agder are not sufficiently presented to students at UiA. Career day was organised this week, giving UiA students the opportunity to meet employers.

This article is more than two years old, and may contain outdated information.

Emil Svennevig Skaufel is the main author of the report prepared by the student-based consulting company Young Industrial Innovators (Yi2). (Photo: Private)

Emil Svennevig Skaufel is the main author of the report prepared by the student-based consulting company Young Industrial Innovators (Yi2). (Photo: Private)

“The students want to have an arena for contact with employers”, says Emil Skaufel from Young Industrial Innovators (Yi2), a student-based consulting company consisting exclusively of students at the University of Agder.

They are about to finish their report Mapping career opportunities in Agder, where they take a closer look at career and business opportunities in Agder in the years to come, especially in the fields of IT, engineering, technology, and finance.

The report was prepared on the initiative of Yi2 and with support from the University of Agder and Agder County Municipality.

Yi2 has interviewed representatives from 13 companies that represent different parts of business and industry in the region. The report is also based on a workshop held on the topic.

Virtual Career Day

The publication of the report coincides with Career Day at UiA, an event where students get to meet employers from various sectors. The big career day in Grimstad was held on Wednesday 17 March, with focus on engineering, technology, and finance. Normally, Campus Grimstad fills up with companies that take the opportunity to present themselves to the students, but due to the coronavirus situation, this year’s career day took place online.

The Yi2 report shows that a number of companies use the career day to get in touch with potential future employees.

“Students who volunteer, have work experience and studies abroad are particularly attractive on the job market”, the report shows.

“Personality traits that indicate that you can work in teams, in a leadership role or as a team member are highlighted as particularly important. Furthermore, commitment, innovation and social skills are key qualities employers look for”, says Skaufel.

The companies that participate in the career day say they have good relations with the university and often collaborate on student assignments benefitting the company.

Attractive job market

The report further claims that there are a number of exciting and attractive jobs in the region, and the IT industry stands out among the sectors surveyed. The companies mention that it is important for them to hire graduates, and that thesis writing can be a port of entry for employment in an IT company after graduation.

“The companies are positive about recruiting from the university – fresh expertise is in demand”, says Skaufel.

For future job opportunities for engineers and technologists, the report points to two major priority areas in Agder: Offshore wind and battery production.

“Both have the potential to contribute to significantly increased employment in the region, which will have ripple effects in Agder. The region has strong maritime and process industry expertise, as well as good infrastructure”, says Skaufel.