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Margret Kristin Dyrholm

Senior Adviser

Senior Adviser Learning Environment, Universal Design, Adaption and Inclusive Student Exchange

A2017B ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )
Office hours:
All days


    Work experience


    • Hungarian Embassy Norway
    • International Business Machines (IBM) Norway
    • University of Oslo
    • The International Water Academy (TIWA)
    • University of Agder


    • Bachelor of Arts (UiA) English, Norwegian and Religion
    • Journalism (MhG NLA)
    • Rehabiltation (UiA)
    • Organization and management of knowledgebased organizations, Management, Master Programme (UiA)
    • Project Management (Nord University)
    • Business Change Management and HR Management (Nord University)

    Academic interests

    • Universal Design
    • Study Adaption
    • Learning Environment
    • Assistive aids and digital tools
    • Counselling and Guidance
    • Diversity, Equal Rights Policy, Social Policy
    • Network Cooperation
    • Languages and Linguistics
    • History and Religion



    Various Universal Design, Adaption and Learning Environment projects

    INKLUSIV - Student Mobility Project, Nurse Students, Nordic countries (2021-2025)

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