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C5104 ( Jon Lilletuns vei 9, Grimstad )

I studied physics and astrophysics in my bachelor and master studies at the University of Oslo. In my masters thesis, I worked on the topic of modified gravity. It has been observed that the expansion of the universe is accelerated, and it is believed that the mysterious dark energy component is the cause of said acceleration. No one knows the exact nature of dark energy and modification of Einstein's General Relativity is one of many possible solutions to uncover the mysteries of the accelerated expansion of the universe.

In my Ph.D project, I am working on modelling asteroids as polyhedra of constant density. A new mathematical formulation has been developed by my supervisor John Conway that allows us to compute the gravitational force between two non-spherical objects. Asteroids are remnants of the early formation days of the solar system, and studying them may provide us more information on how the solar system was formed billions of years ago.

Courses and teaching

FYS128-G Spring 2020

Work experience


MSc in cosmology - University of Oslo 2018

BSc in science - University of Oslo 2016

Academic interests


Dark Energy

Dark Matter



Selected publications

Ho, A., Gronke, M., Falck, B., & Mota, D. F. (2018, Nov). Probing modi ed gravity in cosmic laments. A&A, 619 , A122. doi: 10.1051/0004-6361/

Scientific publications

  • Wold, Margrethe; Ho, Alex; Poursina, Mohammad; Conway, John Thomas (2022). Two-body interactions with surface integrals.
  • Ho, Alex; Wold, Margrethe; Conway, John Thomas; Poursina, Mohammad (2021). Dynamics of Asteroid Binary Systems through the Use of Surface Integrals.
  • Wold, Margrethe; Conway, John Thomas; Ho, Alex (2019). The planar rigid two-body problem.

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