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Peter André Busch

Associate Professor

H1068 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )
Office hours:
By appointment or drop by

I am a social scientist exploring how technology impacts our daily lives. My PhD investigated the impact digital tools may have on the discretionary practices of public service workers (digital discretion). 

My research interests are technology and decision-making, technology in the public sector, and problematic technology use. I'm familiar with both qualitative and quantitative research methods (mostly PLS-SEM).

My background:

  • Master in information systems | University of Agder
  • Bachelor in IT and information systems | University of Agder
  • Bachelor in theology | Ansgar University College

Twitter | ResearchGate | Google Scholar

Academic interests

  • E-government
  • Problematic technology use
  • Decision-making
  • Institutional theory
  • Meta-research questions within IS


The Learning Society (finished)

Scientific publications

  • Busch, Peter André (2022). Funksjonelle websider med PHP: en innføring i webprogrammering. ISBN: 9788215049694. Universitetsforlaget.
  • Hausvik, Geir Inge; Busch, Peter André (2022). One Size Does Not Fit All: Designing Adaptive Public Services for All.

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